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McVicar Creek

exposure time 15 sec.

exposure time 15 sec.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sleeping Giant, hike to the knees

You Are Here
beginning the Kabeyan Trail
Kabeyan Trail, near the beginning, BW
to the Sea Lion, color
to the Sea Lion, BW
Pebbly Beach
towards Sea Lion
the clouds fumbling in and over
the Sea Lion
The Sea Lion 2
The Sea Lion 3
Lighthouse, view 1
leaning over the edge
the bottom of the lake below 1
the bottom of the Lake below 2
fungi, fun guys:sticky mushroom 1
sticky mushroom 2
once bitten
twice bitten
mushroom on a mushroom
fly away orange
wild looking mushroom
a smurfy house
fuchsia colors, wowww
unidentified, pretty
breathtaking canopy
birches on the beach
tree over trail
to Tee Harbour
a slug we met on the Kabeyan Trail

where we are, where we are going...
Sea of Green Foam
steps in the forest
to go up, you must go down
The Sea of Wild Grasses, glowing from within the cedars
mossystumped and hollowed
a thick cedar to hug
Sea of Wild Grasses
my poorly stitched picture of the
Sea of Wild Grasses

trail flora 2
trees near, trees far

The Sea of Wild Grasses, Tee Harbour,
almost to the top

more steps in the forest
you've reached the top, now - go further
they had a great view
beaches below
Silver Islet, from above
the lighthouse again, from above
Mountain Ash color, trees below
a laker coming around the feet, and the boat...
Tee Harbour, laker
over the knees
laker leaving Thunder Bay, from knees of SG
grass with a view
towards the Sleepy G's head, from knees
Thunder Bay, thunder cloudstability
downward, a long far way
I stood here, crazy but I did - to take pictures over the edge
cliffs - we dropped rocks, waited eternal seconds to hear the landing...
forest flora black & white
on our way back...
the sign leaving the Talus Trail,
6pm and we still have 8 kms back to the parking lot, oh my